Dirty Carpet in the Office? Here’s How Our Commercial Cleaners Fix It!

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Dirty Carpet in the Office? Here’s How Our Commercial Cleaners Fix It!

It’s no surprise that many modern-day offices in Sydney consider carpets as their most preferred flooring option. From reception areas to boardrooms and hallways to conference spaces, these are installed in many high-traffic areas in the workspace to reduce noise and create a professional business environment.

However, when not properly maintained, carpet fibres can accumulate dirt and grime over time, decreasing its beauty and efficiency and affecting indoor air quality. What is more, dirty carpets can’t trap dust from peoples’ shoes, which means more dirt goes to your floor and surroundings.

Fortunately, redeeming your floor and carpet is simple: select the right commercial cleaning company to do it for you. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned by a commercial cleaning service provider can help eliminate all dirt from it and do much more.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services is at the vanguard of office cleaning in Sydney. We offer businesses the carpet cleaning services they need to keep their space beautiful and enjoy returns on investments they have made in their carpets.

In this post, we share five major carpet-soilers and how our team of expert commercial cleaners tackle each of them.

#1. Problem: Bacteria

Bacteria easily find a home in carpets. carpets. This is because dirt which is brought from outdoors by your staff and visitors can get into your carpet. This type of germs that reproduce unseen can pose serious health risks to you, your staff and your business’s visitors.

Our Solution: Steam Cleaning Equipment

Our commercial cleaning services employ steam cleaning by applying hot water—at extremely high temperatures—in steam form. The pressure from this steam saturates the entirety of the carpet, eliminating all bacteria and allergens from the tiniest nook and cranny. Our commercial cleaners also utilise detergent-based stain removers as a replacement for steam. However, we ensure that these stain removers do not contain high levels of chemicals or synthetics.

Note: Our commercial cleaners employ green and eco-friendly organic cleaning supplies.

#2. Problem: Dead Skin Accumulation

A person sheds about 600,000 particles of skin every hour, and some inevitably land on your carpet. Apart from the grossness, an excess of skin flakes may give insects like dust mites a conducive space to breed in large numbers. Needless to say, this is detrimental to the health of your staff and company visitors.

Solution: Vacuum Cleaners With HEPA-Microfilter System

At Comprehensive Cleaning Services, we employ adjustable vacuum cleaners. This ensures that we are able to seamlessly clean carpets of any kind without causing harm to the intricate structures of the carpet’s fibres.

The HEPA filter is an advanced filtering mechanism capable of absorbing debris, including very tiny ones like skin flakes, pollen, pet hair, etc.

Our commercial cleaning experts carry out deep cleaning using HEPA-microfilter vacuum cleaners to penetrate deep into carpet fibres. This enables us to not only enhance the appearance of your space but also improve the air quality by clearing out particles and allergens. This curbs health risks, creating a healthier work environment for your workforce.

#3. Problem: Pollen

It was discovered that Australia has the seventh-highest rate of pollen allergies on Earth. Yearly, hay fever affects one in every five Australians, equivalent to more than 4.6 million people. Pollens easily build up in the nooks and crannies of your carpet. While there, they cause a big pain in your chest and nose for longer than the normal allergy season.

Solution: Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Our professional cleaners employ hot water extraction cleaning for pollen-affected or highly soiled carpets.

For this cleaning mechanism, we employ a machine to heat water and inject it—together with a cleaning solution—into the carpet. Afterwards, the machine is used to extract the water mixture from the carpet, removing pollen, dirt, moisture, and stains from the carpet’s fibres simultaneously. This way, the carpets dry quickly and look beautiful.

The hot water extraction mechanism provides a gentle cleaning option for delicate carpet fibres.

#4. Problem: Bugs & Insects

Certain insects, like bugs and cockroaches, are ordinarily a common sight in the indoor space. But the perfect food attraction for them is the tiny debris, faeces and other organic matter that get stuck in the fibres of your carpet over time.

Compared to tiles and floorboards which are smooth floors, a carpet provides a hideaway for the decaying bodies of dead insects.

Solution: Carpet Extractor

Our commercial cleaning company employs carpet extractors for high-sensitivity cleaning. We use them specially to extract particles like insects—dead or alive—from the deep interiors of carpet fibres that have soft finishes.

While we use carpet vacuums to clear out carpets’ surface level, we use extractors to remove dust particles from the far corners of the fibres.

#5. Problem: Mould

Carpets can become a prime spot for mould growth as they hold moisture much longer than other surfaces. Such growth, often occurring underneath the carpet rather than on top of it, can be elusive without a professional hand. They go on to cause rashes, allergies, and other serious health complications.

Solution: Air Scrubbers

Our cleaners use air scrubbers—some of the most advanced equipment in the market—for displacing moisture, foul odours or small airborne particles. We use them in our surface-level post-cleaning procedures to give our clients’ carpets a fresh finish and upgrade the air quality of the entire space.

Note: We recognise the hassle of maintaining focus on work during deep cleaning in the premises. Therefore, we are flexible with our scheduling. We can conduct commercial cleaning services after office hours and even on weekends to suit your schedule. Your satisfaction is our pride and utmost priority.

Reach Out to The Most Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company in Sydney

As with glittering polished tiles, neat and fresh carpets ensure a great first impression for those working in or visiting your office. Considering the heavy foot traffic, office carpets are highly prone to wear, grime, and conspicuous stains.

At Comprehensive Cleaning Services, we know that even your office carpets make a statement about your business. Hence, our team of experts go all the way to provide your office with carpet cleaning and office cleaning Sydney services that convey your business’ image positively. The consciousness and meticulousness employed by our experienced cleaners will keep your office carpeting healthy and pleasant while increasing its lifespan.

If your office is in Sydney and your carpeting needs a facelift, we are the best commercial cleaning company near you. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a free quote!

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