How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building?

How often should you pressure wash your commercial building

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building?

A clean and well-maintained building is the gateway to more clients, reflecting your professionalism and attention to detail. Here enters the powerful tool for maintaining a squeaky clean façade – pressure washing. It is one of many things you do in your property’s maintenance routine. You can go the DIY route, but commercial pressure cleaning has its fair share of benefits.

A professional pressure washing company can help you identify your property needs, like what type of pressure washing is required. For instance, certain paints and sealants require special pressure washing that takes extra effort.

If your property has moss and algae, then a pressure washing company would help identify to what degree your property has decayed. This raises a lingering question: how often should you pressure wash your commercial building?

In this blog, we will see the science of maintaining a sparkling exterior and the key factors that dictate the frequency of pressure washing. Let’s get started!

The Science of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing uses high-pressure water that dislodges dirt particles and grime. The science lies in this method’s ability to deal with contaminants, which works on fluid dynamics and surface tension principles. The kinetic energy generated from high-pressure water lifts the contaminants.

How much effort and pressure is required to lift the contaminants depends mainly on climate, building material, foot traffic and several key factors. These factors determine the frequency of pressure washing, which we will discuss in the section below.

Factors Determining the Frequency of Commercial Pressure Cleaning

1. Geography and Environment

Location and climate are the most critical factors determining whether you should go for commercial cleaning services. If you have a commercial property in humid or coastal areas, it will likely grow more mould and mildew. Thus, you may require more frequent pressure washing. The same applies to the regions with heavy pollution or dust, which necessitate regular cleaning.

2. Building Material

Regarding building material, porosity, thermal expansion, and susceptibility to moisture absorption vary in bricks, concrete, wood, and other materials. Due to these factors, different building materials react differently to weather, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. This results in varied weather-induced reactions, determining the pressure washing frequency.

3. Foot Traffic and Type of Business

Commercial spaces near busy roads or areas with high footfall accumulate more dirt and pollutants. The substantial pedestrian activity and constant movement are the major causes behind elevated dust levels and dirt on the commercial property’s exterior.

If you own a business that increases the likelihood of high footfall, your property may have more dirt, grime and pollutants, requiring frequent high-pressure cleaning.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Another critical factor is regulatory compliance, where different local codes and standards exist for different properties and locations. Regular or annual pressure washing according to set standards ensures compliance with local laws.

When You Need Commercial Pressure Cleaning?

High-pressure cleaning has been an effective way to maintain the long-term health of your commercial space. Usually, people go for pressure washing at least once a year to keep their space looking at its best. However, regular pressure washing reduces the chances of repeated buildup of dirt and grime, keeping minor issues at bay.
Apart from this, the parameters discussed above are also crucial in determining the frequency. Based on the factors above, the recommended pressure washing frequencies are below.

Quarterly Pressure Washing

You can go for quarterly commercial pressure cleaning if you have a commercial building in high-traffic areas or busy roads. It will help you maintain a consistently clean exterior of your commercial property.

Biannual Cleaning Pressure Washing

Pressure washing every six months is a practical step if you have some budget constraints. Here, it strikes a balance between cleanliness and cost-effectiveness.

Annual Pressure Washing

You can consider annual pressure washing if you have a commercial property in low-traffic areas or minimal environmental exposure.

Pressure Wash As-Needed

Lastly, it depends on the condition of your property. Assess the condition of your building and check for dirt buildup, stains, or discolouration. Schedule a pressure washing session with any commercial cleaning services if you see any of these.

Conclusively, high-pressure cleaning effectively maintains the integrity and aesthetics of your commercial space to leave a solid impression on your clients. Establishing a routine commercial pressure cleaning schedule can improve your property’s longevity.

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