How We Make Spotless Spaces with Our Commercial Cleaning Strategies

Commercial Cleaning Strategies

How We Make Spotless Spaces with Our Commercial Cleaning Strategies

When was the last time you invested in commercial space cleaning services? If you can’t remember, it’s high time you schedule such services. Apart of keeping your employees happy and productive and clients consistent is creating a safe and healthy working environment.

A dirty office, school, or pub not only leaves a bad impression on clients but also creates breeding grounds for infectious pests, resulting in health problems for workers. So, why risk losing your employees and clients when there are reliable and affordable commercial cleaning services that will leave your workplace looking clean and organised?

At Comprehensive Cleaning Services, we understand the value of your business, which is why our friendly team aims to deliver exceptional results. Our services cover commercial carpet cleaning, commercial office cleaning, school and child care cleaning and pub cleaning solutions.

In this article, we will discuss how we tackle the different types of cleaning. So, if you own the above business, stick around to learn how we will transform that dull-looking space into a warm, welcoming, and charming space.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Process

First things first, before we dive into how we handle different types of cleaning, it is essential we give you a brief overview of how the process works for a seamless experience.


Consultation is essential as it allows you to lay out your cleaning needs. Want those surfaces sanitised or perhaps get that dull-looking carpet cleaned? These are some things you should lay out to us during your consultation. You can also give us an overview of the size and layout of your commercial space; this way, we will know what to expect.

Pre-Cleaning Assessment

Once you schedule commercial space cleaning services, whether for a childcare facility, office, or even a club, we do a site visit before the appointment. During the visit, our friendly team will inspect the condition of the workplace, from the carpets to upholstery. Now, you might be wondering why we do an inspection. Every setting calls for a different cleaning strategy, and assessing the workplace prior helps us know the specific cleaning needs and the suitable cleaning methods needed to get the place spotlessly clean.

Customised Cleaning Plan

Based on our inspection, we create a customised cleaning plan based on the assessment. This usually goes hand in hand with a quote. We value transparency; thus, we outline the pricing clearly and concisely with no hidden costs. Once you approve our plan, we move on to the actual cleaning process.

Our Different Types of Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial office cleaning is one way of reviving your business.

At Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services, we offer both sanitising cleaning and deep cleaning. We know that you want your office to look fresh and new as quickly as possible. So, to avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend doing some pre-cleaning preparation, such as decluttering and clearing workspaces. Here is what you can expect once we step into your office.

Sanitising Cleaning

With most offices near cities, it’s easy for surfaces to accumulate dirt, grime, and bacteria over time. Sanitising cleaning aims to clean and disinfect those surfaces, eliminating any dirt and bacteria. We start by disinfecting high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment.

Next, we move to the kitchen and restroom. We all know that there is so much dust and bacteria due to continuous usage. Thus, our expert team only employs specialised cleaning equipment, ensuring every surface and appliance is spotlessly clean.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves scrubbing the floors, wiping office furniture surfaces, and cleaning upholstery. We mainly start with commercial carpet cleaning, focusing on the high-traffic areas before moving to other sites. With our hot water extraction, you can expect the carpets to be clean and dry quickly.

When it comes to cleaning furniture surfaces, we mainly dust and wipe them using high-quality cleaning products. For upholstery, our cleaning technique is meant to clear those stubborn stains and odours from spills. Once you are satisfied with the results, we complete the deep cleaning by cleaning all windows/ blinds leaving them with a polished finish.

Schools and Childcare Cleaning

Children are messy. As much as we keep them safe from visible threats, it’s also essential to keep them safe from unseen dangers like viruses and bacteria at school or daycare facilities.
Germs are everywhere, and with children playing around, they are vulnerable to getting infected. This is where school and childcare cleaning services come into play. They help provide a clean and safe environment, promoting better development of knowledge and skills. Here is what you can expect once you schedule our services.

Routine Cleaning Task

With most kids allergic to dust, routine cleaning tasks are essential in helping control such allergens. With child-friendly cleaning products, our expert cleaners ensure to dust and wipe all surfaces in the classroom and common areas. The next step is usually vacuuming the floor. We start by removing any visible debris or toys and then going in with our latest vacuum cleaner with attention to high-traffic areas. That’s not all! No job is complete until all the stubborn child stains are dealt with. Be it poop, urine, or food spills, you can rest assured that our team will handle everything swiftly.

Sanitisation and Disinfection

We care about the well-being of your children; thus, we take sanitisation and disinfection very seriously. When it comes to sanitising, our cleaners focus on the things that are likely to go to a child’s mouth. These include plastics, metal, and wood objects, such as toys and bottles. Food surfaces such as trays and plates also fall into this category.

Our disinfection focuses on killing germs on surfaces like the bathrooms, diaper changing tables, and playgrounds. We understand that children are vulnerable to harsh cleaning products, so we only disinfect using green, all-natural, and quick-to-dry products. With our school and childcare cleaning services, you can rest assured that we will not disrupt the learning process.

Pub and Club Cleaning

Pub and club cleaning services are non-negotiable, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Here is what we mean- It’s pretty easy for a client to leave a dirty club or pub and look for a much cleaner one in the next block. With many clubs and pubs opening, it’s essential to leave a good impression and have your customers stay all night. If this sounds like something you want to do, here is what you can expect from our friendly team to do;

Clearing Event Spaces

We start the cleaning process by clearing the event spaces. This ensures that we don’t miss any spot or corner. Not to worry, we handle everything, so you don’t have to worry about us disrupting your staff from doing the expected duties.

Deep Cleaning High Traffic Areas

Once we have cleared the furniture out of our way, we start doing what we love—addressing food and beverage stains from the entrance, dance floors, and bar areas. We use the steam extraction cleaning technique to ensure that those stubborn stains are dealt with head-on. Also, we use quick-to-dry methods. Thus, you can resume back to business in no time.

Restroom Sanitisation

If your clientele tends to be the unruly party animal, then you definitely need our pub and club cleaning services. Why so? Most people avoid using pubs and club restrooms because they appear unhygienic. With our services, however, you can expect clean and hygienic restrooms. Our team has expertise in cleaning any type of restroom in a club or a pub; you can expect exceptional results.

Ready to invest in commercial space cleaning services? If yes, you are a step in the right direction. Choosing a reliable and competent cleaning company is where the main challenge lies. If you want impeccable results, ensure you check the company’s reputation.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services is a recognised and trusted company in Australia. We have over years of experience and are dedicated to providing clean commercial spaces that leave a lasting impression. Be it carpet cleaning services or school and child care cleaning services, you can expect the best. Contact us today to enjoy a clean and inviting commercial space!

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