The Ultimate Strata Cleaning Guide for Sydney Residents

The Ultimate Strata Cleaning Guide For Sydney Residents

The Ultimate Strata Cleaning Guide for Sydney Residents

In modern times, the concept of community living is thriving in Australia. More than 2.5 million Australians are now living in multi-residence properties, and if the trends are to be believed, the number is expected to soar rapidly in the near future.

While owning a strata-titled property brings many advantages, cleaning shared areas like staircases, hallways, gyms and driveways remains a concern for people who prioritise health and hygiene. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as most (if not all) building committees and property managers hire strata companies to professionally clean and maintain the common spaces. These commercial cleaning companies in Sydney ensure that every nook and corner of a shared residential and commercial property looks fresh and squeaky clean, and the occupiers are completely satisfied with their apartment living arrangements.

In this article, we will shed light on the concept of strata cleaning and what it involves. We will also discuss the importance of hiring a reputable strata cleaning company to upkeep the value and appeal of shared properties – stick around to learn more!

What is Strata Cleaning?

Strata cleaning is an integral part of property management and maintenance, primarily focusing on the cleaning of common areas of a multi-residence apartment, shopping complex, business parks or office building.

The concept is quite similar to commercial cleaning services, but it is strategically driven to ensure that shared property areas like elevators, lobbies, hallways, car parking and more are thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained, adding value to property while also encouraging residents to feel connected. Strata cleaning services come in different categories, including;

  • Basic Cleaning or Routine Maintenance: These are typical commercial cleaning services that can be done daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. They can range from cleaning floors to high-touch surfaces.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: This mainly involves washing windows, cleaning car parks and removing graffiti or anything that can lead to major problems in the strata.
  • Building Management and Repairs: This involves organising significant repairs and replacements related to electric systems, plumbing, roofing etc.

Now, it is important to acknowledge that every building has unique needs that require a specific approach. Some buildings may request all these services, while others may just be on the hunt for standard cleaning or gardening services.

Most Common Strata Cleaning Services

Below is a list of services you can expect from a trusted strata cleaning specialist in Sydney and nearby regions:

  • Cleaning floors and ceilings of the shared areas
  • High-pressure cleaning of carpets in common areas
  • Cleaning and disinfecting elevators
  • Gardening
  • Inspection for electrical work and fire safety
  • Washing glass doors and windows to remove dust, dirt and cobwebs
  • Sterilising and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces
  • General repairs
  • Trash removal, waste management and cleaning & deodorising recycling bins

Benefits of Hiring a Strata Cleaning Company in Sydney

While many newbie property managers hire cleaners by Googling “commercial cleaning near me” and hiring the first cleaning company they find, it’s not a wise way to maintain a strata building.

Strata cleaning demands a high level of professionalism and attention to detail to get the job done right. An untrained cleaner may not deliver satisfactory results in a safe and timely fashion. That said, here are the most notable benefits of trusting a professional strata cleaning company in Sydney:

Professional Approach and Cutting-Edge Equipment

An untrained cleaner might find it hectic to complete numerous tasks in a shared property while maintaining quality. Moreover, if the building needs services like high-pressure cleaning to remove stubborn stains from the pavement or carpet, there’s a need for specialised equipment that most local cleaners may not have.

Opting for strata commercial cleaning in Sydney guarantees you will receive a professional team that can plan the cleaning tasks daily, weekly and monthly, ensuring you receive consistent services. Whether you need gardening, shampooing carpets, disinfecting garbage rooms or cleaning parking lots, you always have a credible and well-equipped cleaning partner by your side.

Timely Repairs and Maintenance Assistance

Hiring one of the best strata cleaning companies in Sydney also ensures you stay on top of repairs and maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, strata cleaners can spot damages and make arrangements for the necessary repair or replacement solutions. This includes all the building’s amenities, including gyms and swimming pools.

Fair and Competitive Pricing

A leading strata cleaning company in Sydney will offer a pocket-friendly price to complete all your commercial cleaning services.

Wondering how? Well, hiring and delegating tasks to different companies can cost you a lot. Not to mention, they may not get the job done right, and you may need to do it twice for optimal results. Most strata cleaning companies will offer a one-package deal to cover all your property needs, saving you a lot of cash.

If your strata complex or office building craves some love in the common areas, contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs!

Comprehensive Cleaning is one of the leading strata cleaning companies in Sydney, known for delivering quality commercial cleaning services. Get in touch with our team to restore the integrity of your shared property – feel free to request a no-obligation quote here.

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